Firstly I’m happy that still people exist who wants to help poor and needy out of their busy schedules nd work which rolls on their head from dawn to dusk.

You don’t have to be a Mother Teresa but small things that you do to them brings Change and will make them happy.

Here are few things that you can do:

  1. When you see a homeless person around you offer them food than giving money.
  2. Give your books and any old clothes to the needy.
  3. Raise your voice against child labour and bring awareness that education is important and can make their lives better.
  4. If you see anyone is sad then just go and ask them. It’s not that their pain vanishes but maybe they are looking for an ear to listen their pain.

Money is not the only criteria to help the needy. It’s the helping hand and heart what does.

Be a freesoul to help the needy and poor.