‘Blackboard organization’ is a registered non governmental organization which is running across 35 cities of 7 state in india. Mainly, this organization provides academic as well as quality education to poor children or needy one. Besides it , also help the poor people. This organization teach children anywhere by the help of blackboard. The reason behind the name of organization is that through the blackboard we brighten the future of the child . because A P J abdul kalam also said that “ Black colour is sentimentally bad but, every Blackboard makes the students life bright”.


Around July, 2015, Rahul, Hashmi, Vishal and some of his friends were living in patna with the purpose of study. They used to eat lunch in a hotel according to their daily routine. In that sequence, they were eating a day in a hotel. There, they saw that 2-4 children, whose age was between 8-12 years old, were working. During the eating, suddenly, they saw that the owner of the hotel was very upset over a child, he started banging him. Seeing this, Rahul and his friends did not like it. When he called the child to him and tried to know his family status, he found out that the his father had passed away. In his house there were 4 siblings, besides the mother. He was the eldest of them, therefore he had to work to raise the responsibilities of the house. He told about himself that he had read up to the fourth class. But due to a poor economic situation, he can not read further. At the same time, Rahul Raj and his friends decided that this child would definitely be there and all children like it would read. Keeping this in mind, they formed the ‘Blackboard Organization’.

Vision & Mission

An india in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, education,development and participation. Our purpose is not to move a needy ahead but to build its base so that it can strengthen itself so that nobody can stop it from proceeding.
The mission of blackboard organization is:
• To educate each and every child
• To provide the right to education to each child
• To built a society where everyone can smile irrespective of their
• To provide academic education as well as ethical education


Rahul Raj


Jahan Zaib Hashmi

General Secretary

Sanjay Kumar


Vishal Kumar Ray

Educational Head

Badal Singh

Media Head

Md Suhaib

Assistant Educational Head

Regional Head


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