1. Knit sweaters for the poor…Every night is a winter to them. Let them not die of Hypothermia during the nights. Gift them a morning.
  2. Bored on Sundays? Visit a Pension Pay office. Procedure to get it is simple but Innocence makes it a big deal. Go help innocents get their Pension.
  3. If you are really a student, Literate a child.
  4. Crossed the age of reading child story-books? Do they still lie in your wardrobe? Gift a library to the nearby Christian missionary.
  5. Missing your expired granny? Go to Senior Citizen centers. Give them your ear n Listen to their stories. They sound more interesting.
  6. Is web-designing your hobby? Design web pages for seed charity organizations which lack proper publicity.
  7. Fed up with 1 rupee coins in your shelves? Get a Kiddy bank, fill it n gift it to the 1st ranker in your nearby government school.
  8. May be you are not too small to, same time your heart is also not too small. Coconut water lover? Drink ‘em. Make the person cut the coconut and give the coconut meat  to the old beggars sitting beside. Hydrate them with smiles.
  9. Mum got you a shot that is too short to wear? Donate it. Things are never short to the small children over the street.
  10. Left over food after your cousin’s marriage? Call 1098…They’ll take the food and distribute to the poor. Their blessings are more powerful.
  11. Don’t want to get into routine software jobs? Become a Social work and get paid for your service.
  12. None knows if there is another birth and you need your eyes. Sign on eye-donation papers and let your family members know that. Your eyes will live even after you die.
  13. Do you ignore blood donations? Do you think there is enough blood in the country? You are wrong. There are still Thalassemia patients.
  14. Is Facebook your home page? Change it to some social service site. Some or the other day, you’ll get time to watch it.
  15. Christmas night? You yourself become a Santa clause. Gift the children sleeping on roadsides. Let them celebrate the Christmas too.
  16. Free periods at the college? Why not give a presentation on the plight of the poor?
  17. Planned to watch a film and houseful board at the hall-gate? Hold a clothing drive along with your friends. It will make your day.
  18. Stop keeping books to collect gift money in marriages. Replace ‘em with Donation box. More money will go into it. Donate it and enjoy the difference.